Washington Nationals open 2

Washington Nationals open

The great crew of EP * Vision made me come to help tweak this massive stadium rebrand for the Washington citizens. I was responsible for the layout and movement language of the three-dimensional elements used throughout the package.

Produced on EP * Vision

Customer // Washington Nationals
Main Producer // Brad Edelstein
Creative Director // Maryam Parwana
Director // Maryam Parwana
Artistic Director and Master Design // Jun Lee
Design and Animation // AJ Kolb, Junsik Na, Paul Villacis, Jason Pietras
3D // AJ Kolb, Junsik Na, Paul Villacis, Jun Lee
Live action production // East Pleasant
Live Activity Director // David Weinstein, Stash Slionski
DP // Stash Slionski
Producer // Franklin Zitter
Edit // Abdul Franklin
Colorist // Matt Schwab