$ 2 million in minutes ?! Kim Kardashian's Shapewear brand kicks off! 2

$ 2 million in minutes ?! Kim Kardashian's Shapewear brand kicks off!

More than two million dollars in minutes? What seems impossible to most people is apparently not a problem for Kim Kardashian and his brand "SKIMS Solutionwear". As reported by TMZ, the actress "Keeping in touch with the Kardashians" was able to achieve such a result shortly after launching her shapewear. The hype around Kim and his brand seems huge: just about all the clothes sold in minutes. On Instagram, some users complained that their size was no longer available. The most interesting, however, is that no product costs more than 100 dollars. "SKIMS" should appeal to as many people as possible, it was said. If TMZ's numbers are correct, the 38-year-old competition is expected to heat up: "Spanx" made a profit of $ 4 million in the first year, a sum Kim should beat early enough.

With "SKIMS Solutionwear" Kim Kardashian has launched a new shapewear brand. And that seems to happen: after just a few minutes, Kim has spent more than two million dollars! How she did it, you will learn here.

Quick money? In no time, Kim Kardashian has earned millions of dollars with his new brand!

What the Kardashian touch becomes gold. It has Kim Kardashian, probably the most famous of the clan, now again brilliantly. With the launch of its shapewear brand "SKIMS Solutionwear", rapper Kanye West's wife has earned a golden nose in no time. According to a source "TMZ", Kim would have hosted in a few minutes two million dollars with his collection. It is not surprising that almost all the pieces were sold directly.

An earlier thought brought him a shit storm: Kim Kardashian's clothes were not under a lucky star

This seems to thwart the Shitstorm, which initially went to Kim's mark. We remember: since they originally wanted to give their brand the name of "Kimono", some fans went to the barricades. The reason: a kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. Some fans have found the idea of ​​naming a shapewear brand an inappropriate cultural asset. Later, Kim was known for flirting, showing understanding and announcing that she would like to rename her brand. She even appealed to her fans to help her in this adventure. And? What do you think of the hype around Kim's new label? Exactly successful or simply grossly exaggerated?

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