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Football Men Kreiskl. A: TuRa

Football Men Kreiskl. A: TuRa 2

IIn a tight match, our first team lost 3: 4 against Averlak, a blue-white. Our team was determined before the game to forget the defeat of the previous week. As a result, they were very motivated in the game and our team developed the first minute of pressure on the Averlaker's case. With the increase in playing time, blue and white came into play better. Especially the dangerous counterattacks of the guests brought us all the match over and over again in the Brutouille. In one of these attacks, the very fast Bockelmann was shot down by Böthern in the penalty area. The resultant penalty allowed Til Bröker to score 0: 1 for Averlak 's guest. Our team could almost respond in return. Just two minutes later, Friedrichs forced him into the penalty area and equipped Voß. Voss did not have the ball from the start. After the chaos that followed, shortly before the goal line, the goalkeeper Tönsing finally carried the ball to the line – 1: 1. It did not happen much before half-time But then, it was again Friedrichs who dominated in the 43rd minute on the left and centered the ball in the center. The center found striker Rufener, who sank the ball with a bit of luck – 2: 1 for us. This time, however, Averlak could answer directly back. With the whistle Pohlmann did the 2: 2. So, the game started at zero after halftime. The second half showed an image similar to that of the first. Our team mostly had the ball and Averlak countered. With the increase in playing time, it seemed that we were controlling the game better and better. Hamann, in particular, often passed to the left, but his flanks were either distorted or disengaged by the central defenders sitting high up. The Averlaker has always remained dangerous. They waited patiently for their chances, then slammed the freezing cold. One of those opportunities used L. Jürgens from the 74th minute to 2: 3. A little shock for our team. As a result, our team of coaches changed again and brought with Maron and Sohnrey two new offensive players. As of now, we have still developed a lot of pressure on the Averlaker lens. In the 87th minute, it was then a combination of two new substitutes Sohnrey and Maron. Sonrey brought the ball to the left in front of goal, where Maron hid and nodded – 3: 3. After that, our team wanted more. With the tailwind of the door, they continued to play bravely for the win. This should be revenge. After a super-fast counter-attack, the mighty Bockelmann was able to achieve the much-vaunted goal of winning, which was greeted by the public, with the final whistle.

Conclusion: Although we have been able to show a clear increase over the TenSar game, we are losing another game at the last minute. We should be content with the point on this day and bring back the draw over time. At the offensive could be played even more resolutely and on the defensive, we must certainly work on the counter-hurdle. Also in the center, we had a lot of difficulty in the duels. We must now give more fuel to the training, then we will score again.

Position: Vogt – Rusch, Ehlers, Szelat, Böthern – Voss, Werth-Garloff (79th Maroon) – Hamann, Friedrichs, Runge (75th sonrey) – Rufener