Prince Andrew: quarrel with staff - and Prince Charles intervenes 2

Prince Andrew: quarrel with staff – and Prince Charles intervenes

Prince Andrew, 59, is said to be "involved in heated controversy with a high-ranking employee," writes the British newspaper "Mail on Sunday" in early September. He should have dropped such "angry words" on both sides, it is further said that Prince Charles, 70, stepped in and should have said a macho word: Andrew should ask for forgiveness. The peculiarity of the story: the palace commented on the incident and even confirmed it.

Prince Andrew quarreled with colleagues

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace confirmed, at the request of "The Telegraph": "Some time ago, the Duke of York was the subject of controversy and disagreement has been resolved, the disagreement has been resolved and no problem is ongoing. " An insider pointed to "Mail on Sunday" he had come to medium or similar fists. The subject on which the two men became angry was of a professional nature. As a result, Andrew would be angry because one of his wishes could not be answered.

Prince Charles wanted to settle

Charles had the habit of smoothing the waves. As a prominent member of the 93-year-old Windsors to Queen Elizabeth family, he is always well-informed about what's going on in the palace and is known for "acting when and where it's needed". Prince Charles' request, to apologize, but Andrew did not comply. "The Duke explained the situation to the Prince of Wales and left it there, and there was no excuse as there was no excuse to present," the insider reveals. . There can be no question of thick air between the brothers: they would continue to maintain good relations, the insider said.

Source used: The telegraph, Mail on Sunday