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Princess Cecilia: Prince Philip's favorite sister is really dead

It is November 16, 1937: Princess Cecilia, who is eight months pregnant, and her husband, Georg Donatus, of Hesse-Darmstadt, are delighted with their trip to London. Because in a few days, we will celebrate not only the wedding of his brother, Prince Ludwig, but also his 29th birthday. The wedding should have been held weeks ago, but the groom's father died as a result of a long and serious illness.

Princess Johanna stays in the castle

The planned engine, a three-engined Junkers Ju 52 / 3m, will depart from Frankfurt at 1:45 pm to London. Eleven people are on board this fall day. The two sons Prince Ludwig, six, and Prince Alexander, four, and Eleonore, the mother of Georg Donatus, 66, fly with Solms-Hohensolms-Lich.

The other passengers are the caregiver Lina Hahn (39), the famous glider engineer Arthur Martens (40) and the family friend Joachim Riedesel zu Eisenbach (27). In addition comes the three-headed crew. Only Johanna, the one-year-old daughter, stayed at Wolfsgarten Castle, Hangen, with her nanny.

The pilot makes a reckless decision

By the time you reach Belgium, the journey will be easy. In Brussels, captain Antoine Lambotte (37) wants to land as planned, but the fog beats him. But there is no reason to worry.

Instead, the Sabena plane is simply diverted to Steene, 80 kilometers away. But even here the visibility is very bad. The 37 year old driver decides despite the increased risk for the landing approach – an unwise decision with devastating consequences …

Princess Cecilia was in work in the plane

Shortly after, the machine bounces against the chimney of a brickyard.
During the collision, the aircraft loses its engine and right wing. Immediately, the machine catches fire and hangs on the ground. Prince Philip's favorite sister and his family have no chance. All passengers aboard die in the terrible air disaster of Ostend.

Research later revealed that pregnant Cecilia from Greece and Denmark suffered contractions during the accident. The reason for this assumption is constituted by the remains of a male child, who were found elsewhere in the rubble.

Prince Philip has a bad destiny

The only 16 years old Prince Philip of Edinburgh attended a private school in Scotland at the time.
It's his director who brought him the sad news. How he handled this bad luck, we do not know.

Public has the last husband of Queen Elizabeth II never talked about the greatest tragedy of his life. However, in "The Crown", we discuss the topic of Prince Philip's favorite sister, but unlike the Netflix series, that's not why his sister flew – the trip was planned for a long time .

Princess Johanna survived only briefly to her parents

The granddaughter of Princess Cecilia and Georg Donatus was adopted by his uncle Ludwig and his wife Margaret. She died only two years later, in 1939, as a result of meningitis.

The family was buried in a mass grave in Rosenhöhe Park in Darmstadt, but Johanna is a bit offside.

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