Stuttgart goalkeeper Kobel - "It takes eggs for Walter football!" - 2nd Bundesliga 2

Stuttgart goalkeeper Kobel – "It takes eggs for Walter football!" – 2nd Bundesliga

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Before the match in Regensburg (Saturday at 1 pm), Gregor Kobel (21) talks about Stuttgart's offensive tactics, time spent in Hoffenheim, his youth idols and his point of view on the Swiss national team. L & # 39; interview

IMAGE: Eleven points in five games. Are you satisfied with the beginning of the season?

Gregor Kobel: "The results are satisfactory so far, but we still have to work, make better use of our opportunities, defend ourselves smarter in the back, and for many of us this type of football is new. We are doing well so far. "

How dangerous is Walter football?

Kobel: "For the offensive and attractive style that the coach wants to see, you need so many people in front of you.And you need eggs, as the saying goes.That means: The courage of to defend him face to face.I like the idea not only to kick, but to take some risk. "

Not only was the last time against Bochum a trick on the razor's blade. How long will it go?

Kobel: "I can win every game 1: 0 or 2: 1. A lot of opponents are deep, we will not just move in. But I think we'll be stronger as the season progresses. must have the courage.

They seem to appreciate the preferred role of VfB. Is the second division your biggest station in Germany?

Kobel: "You definitely feel the great tradition – before leaving for Hannover, I was still at the hotel, when all the white-red fans passed by. It was awesome. I appreciate it this here and it will move me forward. "

How many steps did you take to Hoffenheim at that time? You were only 16 when you left Switzerland …

Kobel: "It really influenced me, and although I lived there for the first year and a half in foster care, I was very lonely, and when I was 17, I came to professionals, so I was adults, some of whom had children and dealt with other topics.This has already matured me. "

And what guards have shaped your game?

Kobel: "I think a lot are good, but I've been more influenced by the coachs.Child, I admired Oliver Kahn or Jens Lehmann.The fact that I was able to work with Jens Lehmann in Augsburg for a short time. period was an interesting experience.He also had the habit of playing offensively, Manuel Neuer then extended it. "

Switzerland also has a lot of good goalkeepers. How do you view your prospects in the national team? Is the EM 2020 a goal?

Kobel: "Of course she is, if that's enough, you'll see, I'm still young, do not pressure me, but of course I want to be here everywhere."

And next year definitely in the 1st league?

Kobel: "The goal is very clear at the moment, with the rise of VfB, how are things going to continue?"