Poc builds the digital talking headset that stores health data

POC manufacturers have made a name for themselves in terms of safety, innovation and design. This effort was rewarded with the Eurobike Award 2019 for the Tectal Race Spin NFC helmet. The digital headset incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to ensure user safety and protection by recording the driver's medical profile in the headset and speaking for himself when he can not.

Jonas Sjögren, CEO of POC, commented on the award: "The bicycle industry is evolving rapidly and winning a prize among so many new and innovative products is an honor and inspiration." Our approach has always been to consider all means to improve safety, even if it meant doing something that had never been done before.Over the years, our helmets have introduced many innovations, be it technology MIPS, Recco or Aramid, and with the use of an integrated NFC chip, we develop helmets that really help people before, during and after an accident, can protect. "

Even the best helmet can not protect itself from the accident: in "golden hour" that follows a serious accident, every second counts. The sooner rescuers and doctors know how to treat them, the better their chances of survival and avoid the long-term consequences. The NFC medical digital identification chip of the new POC Tectal Race Spin NFC mountain bike helmet will provide rescuers with vital information about blood type, pre-existing conditions or allergies directly at the scene of the accident if the driver himself can not provide any information. All you have to do is hold an NFC-compatible smartphone directly on the headset. Internet, phone or satellite connection are not needed for reading. The Medical ID is programmed according to the ICAR (International Rescue Commission) standard via a free application.

An additional built-in Recco reflector makes it possible to find injured drivers even in isolated areas, and an orange element at the back of the helmet ensures good visibility. The "talking helmet" is based on the Enduro mountain bike helmet and Trail Tectal Race Spin, known for its good ventilation. The integrated aramid bridges distribute impact forces during a fall over a larger area and reinforce the rugged construction of the high-performance polycarbonate monocoque hull. The anti-rotation protection with its silicone membrane inside also protects and offers wearing comfort. For even more safety, the helmet wraps the head over a large area and offers extra protection, especially in the deep neck area.

POC has partnered with the Swedish company twice every two years to integrate NFC technology into the Tectal Race Spin NFC and Ventral Air Spin NFC helmets. The NFC Ventral Air Spin, with the same high-performance ventilation and ultra-light as the Ventral Air Spin, also has an NFC chip and is ideal for adventures on gravel and on the road.