Are you going to a ranch soon? 2

Are you going to a ranch soon?

Is the Kardashian West family really going to a ranch now? It's only recently been reported that music giant Kanye West in the US state of Wyoming bought, according to TMZ, a 4,500-acre ranch for an amount equivalent to about $ 12 million. euros. In addition, he would probably have visited different primary schools. That's how the rumor has begun to crack: Will the West Kardashian move soon? Now, clarity! Kim Kardashian confirmed in "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon that she would like to relocate to Wyoming: "We love Wyoming, this has always been such a place.My husband has just bought a ranch – his dream and her vision is to go there. "According to the 38-year-old woman, not only are both delighted with the new property, but also their sisters who like it:" We have always dreamed of Have a ranch and just spend our summer days there. " But apparently, the star of "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" is still not sure of wanting to move there forever. She could also imagine living there for a short time and commuting between Wyoming and her current home in Southern California.

Just recently, US media reported that Kanye West, Wyoming, had purchased a ranch for the equivalent of about 12 million euros. But until now, no one has commented on the purchase of the musical giant. Until now! His wife Kim Kardashian has now revealed in "The Tonight Show" that she would like to move to the farm. All additional information can be found here!