After the release of HIV: the support of rugby legend Gareth Thomas 2

After the release of HIV: the support of rugby legend Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas
Tsange / Wikimedia – CC BY 2.5

The not-quite-voluntary HIV exit of former British rugby pro Gareth Thomas has sparked many positive reactions. The openly gay Welshman had released his years of HIV infection on Saturday – to warn unscrupulous tabloid reporters.

For Prince William, Gareth Thomas is "courageous as always"

Prince William, number two of the British estate and
Boss of the Welsh Rugby Union said on Instagram that Gareth Thomas was
"Brave as always". He was "on and off the place a legend.
our support, "said the Royal.

And Williams' brother also spoke: "Gareth,
you are a legend! Prince Harry wrote on Twitter: "Saying
that you are HIV-positive, you save lives and destroy stigmas. Because you
show that you can be strong and resilient when you are living with HIV. "

The day after the release of his HIV infection, Thomas finished an Ironman

How strong Thomas is, despite his HIV infection, has the
Former rugby player confirmed the same day after his message: he accepted
His native Wales participated in an Ironman. After four kilometers
swam, traveled 180 km by bike and 42 km,
He ran straight into the arms of her husband Stephen, who hugged him with joy.

Several other celebrities congratulated Gareth Thomas for
his words open. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn congratulated Thomas for his
"Great strength" that he demonstrated when he left for HIV. He is "a model
overcome stigma and prejudice, "says Corbyn.

"HIV can not stop you from doing what you want," says Stephen Fry

Also the open gay actor, presenter and
Director Stephen Fry praises the former 45-year-old professional athlete
Ironman in Wales and show that HIV can not stop you
Do whatever you want and pay attention to it, can not pass it
Terrence Higgins Trust campaign. "

CEO Ian Green said that he was "very
proud to call Gareth Thomas a friend, "he said.
Current HIV-positive treatment options normal life expectancy
and could not transmit the virus to other people.

"What Gareth speaks openly about living with HIV,
will have a huge impact in the fight against the stigma that is always
exists and HIV as a chronic disease in humans
normal life, "Green hopes.