Brad Pitt: With rapper Kanye West, he goes to prayer 2

Brad Pitt: With rapper Kanye West, he goes to prayer

What a surprise when 55-year-old Brad Pitt recently took part in one of the Sunday fairs initiated by 42-year-old Kanye West. Who would have thought that the Hollywood star and rapper, including Ms. Kim Kardashian, 38, and her sisters Kourtney, 40, Khloé, 35, Kendall, 23, and Kylie, 22, would go to the morning prayer? A fan captures the moment when ex-Angelina Jolie, 44, gives her friend Kanye immense pleasure during her visit to an open space in Calabasas. Even celebrities can access the site by invitation only. Brad Pitt is always welcome.

Brad Pitt: "Kanye should be respected for his music"

And this is not a coincidence. The actor seems to have long been in sympathy with the rapper. "We only met each other over the years," said Pitt during his meeting with West. "I like the fact that there is a Kanye in the world that mixes things," he told the online portal "Extra" on the occasion of the premiere in Los Angeles. Angeles of his new movie "Ad Astra". The admiration for the genius of the musician is profound. "We envision the future and know we can not forget his music.He was one of the first to show himself and was rude and open – and he should always be respected for that."

"His services are beautiful"

Kanye's Sunday services seem to have particularly impressed the 55-year-old. "I think what he's doing is quite specific," says Pitt. "It's a real celebration of people, it's a really loving and beautiful atmosphere, it's huge, so beautiful, I think it's really special."

Brad Pitt is on a spiritual journey

The actor himself embarked on a spiritual journey for years, as he recently revealed in an interview with GQ magazine: "I've all lived it," Pitt said at "GQ ", stating," I cling to religion. "I grew up with Christianity, I always questioned it, but it sometimes worked." In difficult times, when he was alone he was turning away from religion, he admits, calling himself agnostic. "Then, for a moment, I qualified as an atheist, just to be rebellious," he admitted. "I was not really that, but for a moment I qualified as a punk rocker."

Brad Pitt + Kanye West respect each other

Meanwhile, the Hollywood star remains open to the faith, as he says. Participation in Sunday Mass in the West was obviously not just a friendly service. Brad and Kanye have been friends for a while, an unknown source told People magazine. "There is really a mutual respect between the two," they say. "Kanye has always been a big fan of Brad." It seems to be reciprocal.

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