Brexit: Even The Beatles Now Take Part - Politics 2

Brexit: Even The Beatles Now Take Part – Politics

Brussels / London. Things are not going well for the British Prime Minister B
oris Johnson in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum-Streit – Today, a British Poplegende faces him: the former Beatles singer Paul McCartney says that the referendum on Britain's exit from Britain in 2016 "was probably a mistake".

Foolish promises were made and many older people said that after leaving the country, the 77-year-old man complained during an interview with the BBC. This attitude was very common, McCartney said that he himself had doubts.

Brexit: Johnson promised a lot in 2016 that could not be maintained

He did not approach Boris Johnson directly – but the criticism is clear: as had then done the mayor of London in 2016 United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union referendum of the referendum of accession fought for the withdrawal – and made the citizens a series of barely negotiable promises.

However, even Beatles are divided on the issue of Brexit. A few days ago in the UK, a social media interview with the former Beatles drummer caused a sensation Ringo Starr for a stir. In the BBC's already-old conversation, the 79-year-old was a strong supporter of the exit: "I think it's a big step forward," says Starr of Brexit.

An interview with McCartney for Boris Johnson

By Brexit, one could take control of one's own country. While Starr voted in favor of the referendum, McCartney now states that he did not participate in the vote: "I did not see anyone who said anything reasonable." And now? "I'm happy when it's over."

In the UK, Boris Johnson also said that the Brexit dispute had to be sorted out. But the interview of the ex-famous Beatle is another hurdle for him in public. It remains to be seen whether the Prime Minister will succeed in getting the UK out of the EU in all circumstances on 31 October. In the meantime, a war of rage for Brexit – and many are hoping for a compromise.

The Supreme Court decides whether the mandatory break of the lower house is legal

Much now depends on the decision of the highest British court, whether the mandatory suspension of the British Parliament ordered by Johnson is legal. The court is expected to declare Monday whether it is intervening in the dispute between the government and parliament – and if it has come to the conclusion that Johnson has broken the law.

If that is the case, threat of a new domestic crisis. Johnson could also lie to Queen Elizabeth II in this case,
who had to formally approve the arrangement – resignation requests concerning him would be safe. But Johnson does not think so. In case of defeat, he will even try to prevent the Parliament from returning prematurely after the obligatory break fixed at 14 October.

Johnson even thinks of a new mandatory break

According to a government document intended for the hearing, Johnson says that there are a number of options to consider, even the possibility of a further mandatory break before Oct. 14 .

The plaintiff's lawyer, Lord David Pannick, on the other hand, asked in his final plea that the MEPs "meet again as soon as possible next week". The deputies would then have an extra week for the majority objective to prevent the exit of the EU without an agreement.

New interview with Juncker gives hope to British

Government lawyer Lord Richard Keen warned the court against such a decision. It is a "forbidden ground" for jurisdiction. In Brussels, Brexit UK Minister Stephen Barclay and EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier met in Brussels on Friday to discuss other ways out of the Brexit conflict.

An interview given by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to British TV channel Sky News, nurtured in London, hopes that she will still be able to agree on changes to the treaty. Brexit.

The EU wants to talk again

Juncker not only said that the EU was ready to make such short-term changes to the treaty, which the President of the European Commission had rejected for a long time. He also clarified that the EU was not on the controversial clause of support
the Irish border is guaranteed, if there is a viable alternative.

"I have no erotic relationship with the net," Juncker said. However, it remains to be determined whether the British Government can present in time an alternative solution to an open border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. An amendment to the Brexit agreement is expected to be legally binding before the October 31 withdrawal date.