Chechnya: Kadyrov denies persecution of LGBT people - and their existence 2

Chechnya: Kadyrov denies persecution of LGBT people – and their existence

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Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has again denied the persecution of LGBT people – as they do not exist in Chechnya, said the 42-year-old journalist. This is reported by the online magazine queer.deThe reason for this new incentive is the visit of a Council of Europe delegation.

The Council of Europe wants to have an image in Grozny – and Kadyrov begins to swear his supporters

So Pyotr Tolstoy, MP
President of the Duma that a delegation of the Council of Europe first introduced the Duma to
Moscow and visit the Chechen capital Grozny this Friday
will be. Without the press, we would talk about "various problems", the delegation
could then convince himself in a conversation with Kadyrov that reports of persecutions
LGBT people are a "lie".

Kadyrov reacted promptly on his public channel
on the news service telegram. Reports that there are "problems" with
Sexual and gender minorities are invented because they are in
Chechnya does not exist. "Here, men marry women and women marry
Men, "he stressed – and has been doing it for millennia:" and will always
stay, no matter what the West imposes on us. "It was" a code of honor of the people ",
after which the country lives today.

The checks would have failed – although the OSCE confirmed the torture last year

The persecution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Chechnya was "hundreds of checks", all without result, the 42-year-old said. But the Council of Europe and the other European institutions would not be interested in this: "There is every reason to believe that they are deliberately setting the goal of denigrating Chechnya, then l & # 39; 39, all of Russia, "said Kadyrov.

The fact that the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe considers that torture has proved its worth does not seem to concern it: the Chechen people and other peoples of Russia are "able to escape and save their lives. country of Western attempts, of the so-called "democracy." Kadyrov is furious against the export, which aims to destroy the institution of the traditional family, our religiosity and our culture, which has always valued the society Russian. "

The Council of Europe also sees things differently. Only in March, he denounced for the fourth time acts of torture committed in Chechnya. In the republic, prisoners were mistreated, denounced the Council of Europe in a report on the situation in Chechnya. The anti-torture committee of the organization, which has 47 states, refers to inspection visits that took place in 2009, 2011 and 2017.

The Council of Europe denounces "the climate of impunity that persists" in Chechnya

The current visit of the Council of Europe delegation, the
Since Wednesday in Russia, is now "especially the continuous climate of
Impunity "in the region as well as" the persecution of LGBTI people "as well as" the
Failure to investigate cases of torture and disappearance ".
It is headed by Frank Schwabe, German deputy of the SPD, the
Rapporteur of the Parliament of the Council of Europe on Human Rights in the
North Caucasus.

Kadyrov 's henchmen reportedly began arresting, torturing and killing homosexual men in December 2016. Hundreds of men have since been arrested, tortured and partially killed, or handed over to their families to reinstate "l'. honor of the family "- which in practice corresponds to the demand for the murder of their own parents.

The OSCE confirmed in December what Kadyrov still denies today.

An OSCE report confirmed the torture in December 2018. Graz-based international lawyer Wolfgang Benedek and his team confirmed three waves of purges based on sexual orientation and sexual assault. gender identity since December 2016. Similar incidents have occurred against suspected drug users and adolescents. According to reports, the persecution continued after the OSCE report.

The persecution has mainly affected men, but some alleged lesbians have also been abducted.
– "Some have been raped and killed," says Benedek. If women
After their release, they fled to other parts of Russia
often brought back to Chechnya – partly with
Support the authorities in public research.