Comment: Hoeneß hurts football Neuer Bundesliga 2

Comment: Hoeneß hurts football Neuer Bundesliga

The talks about the goalkeeper of the German football team have a tradition. They are also traditionally out of control.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman of the Board FC Bayern said before the match of his club in the Champions League against Red Star who is the DFB in the derailed discussion on Manuel Neuer and Marc-Andre ter Stegen should finally speak clearly. The following days show that this request is justified.

The German Football Federation should say clearly: "Dear Mr. Hoeneß, stop this campaign against ter Stegen, because it is based on an abstruse construction." Hoeneß is a bit spun in his two performances of folk buffoon. He wants to ter Stegen for something "put in the corner" leave (with this choice of words, he is already shivering), which has not done.

Back to the source

It always makes it possible to return to the source in discussions which escape all control. At Causa Neuer / ter Stegen, this is an advertising event organized by a sports goods manufacturer. The goalkeeper of FC Barcelona said the last international trip had been a "blow" for him.

He had participated in both qualifying matches for the European Championship only on the bench. According to Joachim Loew, coach, after the win in Belfast against Northern Ireland, he did it after the defeat against the Netherlands. "not even change the goalkeeper" wanting, along with Ter Stegens' statement of the hard beat suggests that there was a commitment for a mission. Pure speculation.

Wanting is not demanding

The fact is: Ter Stegen commented on the PRDate without syllable directly on Manuel Neuer. This confirmed a day later Manuel Neuer in Leipzig. The fact that he appealed to the St Stegens team spirit after the Bundesliga match was therefore exaggerated, but still in context. The argument was however there now. Ste Stegen criticized New at a press conference in person, but it's only the statements in Leipzig, the "Inappropriate" had been.

Ter Stegen never claimed that he was better than Neuer. He never said that he should be number one. He accepted nolens volens as Neuer played after a long break in the World Cup in Russia. He also agreed that Löw after the WM said that Neuer remains the number one player until at least the 2020 European Championship.

Ter Stegen wants to become number one and wanted to be a goalkeeper of the FC Not Barcelona, ​​who has been convincing for years with his performances and his football at the level of Neuer, would be strange.

Hoeneß ignores the facts

Uli Hoeneß ignores – not for the first time in recent months – the facts. He leans a little to discredit a national player. He even demands an apology from Ter Stegen. Why? Why?

The first appearance after the match against Belgrade was embarrassing. The fact that Hoeneß filled a day later shows that it no longer reflects. Hoeneß simply does not protect his player. He is out of control. In the end, it even harms Manuel Neuer. With his uncontrollable onslaught, Hoeness pushes many of the Stegens fans who do not care which of them is the focus of the national team because both are exceptionally good.

Disclaimer: The author is a member of the "Verband Deutscher Sportjournalisten" through the regional association "Verband Westdeutscher Sportjournalisten".

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