Deadly result of Republican hatred for Obama 2

Deadly result of Republican hatred for Obama

Republican opposition to Obama's health policies can be measured in deaths. John Iadarola breaks it down into The Damage Report. Follow the damage report on Facebook:

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"On June 28, 2012, the day the Supreme Court confirmed most of the Low Price Health Care Law, the sighs of relief were so strong that they stifled a part of the Court's decision that has reached torment the lives of millions of poor people across the country, and that has also come to represent the negative fanatic of Republican politicians, specifically Republican governors, to partner with anything that has to do with President Barack Obama. To defend the ACA law, Roberts allowed individual governors to refuse to accept Medicaid expansion in their states.In other words, just because it came from a Democratic president, and because it came from that Democratic president, these governors violated one of the principles fundamentals of the state government that goes back to the dawn of humanity greed: they refused FREE MONEY!

Now, in an article published by the National Office of Economic Research, four scholars have illustrated the human price of this failure by Republican governors. According to the newspaper, somewhere around 15,000 Americans died between 2014 and 2017 as a result of states that rejected FREE MONEY! available to them from the federal government through the provisions of the ACA. "

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