Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry: "He repents marriage" 2

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry: "He repents marriage"

After three years together, Prince Harry, 35, seems to have lost his pink glasses …

Harry and Meghan: criticized by the people!

Earlier, his heart was beating! aujourd & # 39; hui Prince Harry must fight for his sympathyBecause since the marriage with Meghan, the former favorite of Queen Elizabeth II is quite isolated. If he prefers would go back the time? His grandparents, the from the beginning against a marriage with the American actress, have refused irritated.

The ice age prevails between him and brother William. And also the people have understood for a long time what bad influence of old star "Suits" on the redhead. The equally modest Royal suddenly made headlines: luxury claims (such as the modernization of Frogmore Cottage or private jet flights) as a boss (his wife has already scorned many longtime employees) ) and because the couple imprudent with breaks of tradition. Until then, Harry was still too crushed to see who Meghan him night and to the monarchy,

Does Harry doubt his relationship with Meghan?

But now, his hormones have stabilized and the prince can see again.

It's like he's finally woken up. Harry realizes that he is causing a lot of grief to the people who love him,

says an insider.

He regrets saying yes after a year and a half!

For comparison: William waited eight years with his request!

Is Harry getting married in a hurry?

Royal expert Angela Mollard does not believe that Harry's marriage is everlasting:

There are many conflicts in his life. You must have a marriage that is stronger than most others. And I think it will be very, very difficult.

however Harry wants to fight for his luckHe still hopes that Meghan will get used to his new role at some point – and then maybe the headlines will be less.

Text: Lennard Klindworth

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