Expert and winter weather deals C100 2

Expert and winter weather deals C100

This is my tracking hands again.

UPDATE June 15, 2013
I had the honor of two Emmys from the weather. A photography and advertising campaign.

I shot these four offers with the new Canon C100 Canon Log. The picture was pretty easy to classify, but I had a few problems with the couple as exposed shots. I was surprised that the AVCHD codec was rated so well. Not a bad 8-bit 4: 2: 0 codec. C100 is more organic than any noise from the camera, with which I have described. Easy to clean with a small denoiser. I didn't need to use the denizer much, but in the few shots that were under exposed when I picked them up in the mail, I also used noise.
The C100 image is extremely sharp and with good glass it produces great images. I can't wait to get my hands on the C300!

Visit my blog for more information on C100 material classification.

Canon C100
EOS 24-105 f4 L
EOS 70-200 f4 L
Zeiss 85mm ZF
Kessler CineSlider

Classified as Magic Bullet Colorista II