Football - 100 Million Euros: Hertha Wants to Grow Fast - Sports 2

Football – 100 Million Euros: Hertha Wants to Grow Fast – Sports

Berlin (dpa) – The next season, the 100 million euros investment of investor Lars Windhorst are already ready. A potential financier for a pure football arena is already prepared – and even in the problematic search of a location, Hertha BSC sees new positive signs.

The club of the capital wants, no matter the current sports crisis of his Bundesliga team, which meets Saturday in the duel in the basement of SC Paderborn, reduce as quickly as possible the gap that separates the big German clubs.

"We have evolved faster than the market," said CFO Ingo Schiller, in an interview with the German news agency: "Our growth has been 20% a year, the market is growing. about 10%, but of course we are growth C is our way of doing business, otherwise the economic partnership would have been meaningless. "The current 150 million sales per season should be increased quite rapidly, Schiller explained.

"Today, one can only increase the chances of sporting success with economic means.For example, Leipzig would not be what it is now if someone does not. was not willing to invest sustainably, "said the graduate in business administration. With the first tranche of Windhorst of 125 million euros, the liabilities were initially replaced. Now we want to invest more in the team.

With an additional 100 million euros, Windhorst 's Tennor will soon increase its stake in Hertha GmbH & Co KGaA to 49.9%. "The timing means for me here in the current season and I would not want to rule out the current year, we have a four to five year plan," Schiller announced.

It is no secret that Hertha wishes to participate in the medium term in European competitions and new pennies. These are new fields of investment just as necessary as the year of 2025, which was announced in a stadium financed by private funds and endowed with great experience, is the guarantee of the leaders of the club. "I have never received as many requests from financial institutions, banks and insurance companies as since the announcement of the stadium master plan," said Schiller. There are "three very concrete offers from Germany, France and England".

In terms of location, the rather tense relationship with Berlin politics has hitherto prevented many progress. The fact that the Senate is currently examining four possible sites at Tegel Airport, which is expected to close after the opening of Berlin Brandenburg crisis airport, said Schiller as a progress. "In order for the basic need of a new stadium building for Hertha BSC to be accepted and granted, these sites are not controlled, they do not wish to build new ones." However, key issues such as transport connections need to be clarified.

However, Hertha is still trying to achieve the preferred solution in the Olympic Park, right next to the 83-year-old Olympic Stadium. "We have the best infrastructure, the best public transport links of the 18 Bundesliga clubs and the compatibility with the classified buildings has been clarified," said Schiller. But there is still no solution for "the legitimate interests of the 24 tenants who reside on the site" and should give way to a new building. But Hertha needs to cooperate with local politics.