Grams Consultation: Who Has the Right to Cure Allergies Through Acupuncture? 2

Grams Consultation: Who Has the Right to Cure Allergies Through Acupuncture?

Recently, I saw a comment on Facebook: someone's being congratulated on being "finally free of allergies through acupuncture". Really? I asked. The answer was – quite expected – at first totally positive. For years, people had suffered from pollen allergy, especially in the spring, and with conventional treatment that alleviated symptoms, but with considerable fatigue. Then salvation by acupuncture. Well, it's summer now and it's no longer the moment of personal allergies, but next year you'll see. Yes exactly.

Let's get into the basics: as for many other indications, acupuncture is actually recommended and offered for allergies on a wide front, especially against seasonal conditions such as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. The hits on Google are – also expected – many, they lead, among others, according to the self-report "the oldest German acupuncture society", the German Medical Association for acupuncture e. V. (DÄGfA) ", which is not a professionally recognized medical society, but a free association listed as a registered association.The DÄGfA cites the treatment of acupuncture for allergic rhinitis and quotes a whole series of studies.

However, such studies on allergic rhinitis can be problematic if the results of uncontrollable circumstances over time depend. If, as indicated, such studies are carried out over weeks, or even months, it will be difficult: there are periods during which there is a significant degree of variability, that the allergens are in the range. air in large or small quantities, and that some pollen are seasonal Week to the next even disappear completely. What is the usefulness of a statement such as (quote from a study): "The improvement in symptoms was also detectable in patients who initially received only emergency medication, and then weeks of acupuncture? There are no treatment guidelines in which acupuncture is used to treat or prevent allergic phenomena. A new guideline "allergic rhinitis" is announced by the end of September 2019. The medical association is not involved in the preparation.

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Plus (I wrote it here before, and since then nothing has changed): Acupuncture has no positive proof. It stands and falls with "specific points", which the DÄGfA emphasizes as the main feature of the method – although there is no indication that these points or the "meridians" on which they are supposed to exist actually exist. As a result, almost all the corresponding comparative studies show that a pseudo-acupuncture works in the same way as an acupuncture "in school". A clearer sign that acupuncture is a placebo treatment is hard to imagine. And of course, the placebo effect can also contribute to an improvement in the situation, especially since psychic or psychosomatic triggers are suspected in certain allergies – but we should not expect more from this method.