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kanye has two faces – planetradio.de

between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, the remains fly again and again! In 2009, Kanye stormed the scene at the "MTV Video Music Awards," publicly announcing that he thought Taylor Swift had not won the award and that the trophy was actually Beyoncé. However, the grass has developed over the years and the two musicians could be seen together again and again during events on the red carpet.

followed by the famous scandal around Kanyes' "famous" song. in this west sings "I feel like me and Taylor could have silent sex / Why? I made this b ** ch famous"! these lines triggered a new fight between the two. "Nobody can broadcast a song that you have not heard before, that's the general context and this has never been discussed, there is no recording from the phone call, so only Taylor and Kanye know exactly what has been discussed, "said Taylor's lawyer at the time. ,

but now all the drama is coming back to the surface. swift is currently promoting its new lp & # 39; lover & # 39; and is visible on the cover of the magazine & # 39; rolling stone & # 39 ;. She gives an interview about the new conflict with the rapper: "I had the feeling that we had reestablished a link, which seemed fine to me, because I only wanted to respect myself since the moment in 2009. If you so strong that i disrespect someone and saying that you do not really deserve to be here – i wanted so much of his respect and i hate it for me … i thought to myself: & This man gets me upset and I just want his approval, so I felt like that And then we got together for dinner and that kind of stuff And I was so happy because I'm so happy. he sometimes said very nice things about my music that sounded like a kind of childhood refusal or something like that from the age of 19 when I was cured. "

"I understand that he has two different faces, behind the scenes, he's super nice to me, but then he wants to be cool, face the masses and talk about me shit, I was so unhappy." explains Swift. In the future, she wants nothing to do with the rapper and ends with the whole thing.