Kim Kardashian: Birth postponed to make nails 2

Kim Kardashian: Birth postponed to make nails

The birth of his first child will probably never be forgotten. While for most mothers, this day is devoted to the final preparations of the new family member, Kim Kardashian had other concerns. In the podcast "FoodGod: OMFG", published by his good friend Jonathan Cheban, the quadruple mother recounts the day of his first birth, which was more than turbulent, reported People magazine.

Kim Kardashian's first birth: burger, waxing, manicure

What worries a Kardashian about the day of the birth of his baby? Obviously, especially about their own appearance. On the way to the hospital, Kim should have invented important things she had to do before.

The pregnant pregnant woman, Kim, decided to get pregnant shortly before the birth of Bikini Zone and asked her friend Cheban to drive her.

It is said that Kim barely managed to move even then. Instead, it was Cheban who took her from the car to the waxing studio and then again, as the podcast said.

After Waxing, McDonalds made a stopover – the urge for a hamburger in a fast-food chain could well be understood as a pregnant woman – and a crazy pursuit with paparazzi. Meanwhile, Kim would have received an important call: The pregnant woman must come directly to the hospital because she has developed pregnancy poisoning.

Kim Kardashian postponed the birth despite gravid intoxication

What does Kim Kardashian, a victim of pregnancy poisoning, do? She discusses. In the podcast, the 38-year-old woman tells a conversation with her doctor as if it was the most natural thing in the world: Kim Kardashian asked if she could postpone the birth of two more hours.

The reason is absurd: Kim would have had nails painted black that day. Of course, you can not give birth to a girl with black nail polish, of course. So, the pregnant woman insisted on just going for a manicure.

No, no, no, I'm going to have a girl, I really have to have beautiful pale pink nails for birth!

So the mother remembers her thoughts after the call. Kim called for two hours, Kim had two hours. Meanwhile, at least her husband, Kanye West, had time to get from the airport to the hospital. He had just returned from a trip to Switzerland.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were able to welcome their first child to the world together that day. With perfect nails. Today, North is already six and both parents have three other children. A fifth child excludes Kim Kardashian but.