Kim Kardashian West: It's like that she's living with psoriasis 2

Kim Kardashian West: It's like that she's living with psoriasis

The reality TV star Kim Kardashian West (38) suffers from psoriasis (psoriasis), an autoimmune disease. Open, honest and unadorned, she now shares her medical history and photos on her sister Kourtney Kardashian's 40-year-old Poosh website and Instagram account. "If you have psoriasis, you can not let it ruin your life," said Kim Kardashian. The picture shows her face without makeup with inflamed skin.

On the website, she continues to write that she has witnessed the "fight against this disease" with her mother, 63-year-old Kris Jenner. She herself noticed a first "push" 13 years ago. At that time, at age 25, a cold caused the disease. A doctor then gave him cortisone, after which the symptoms "completely disappeared for about five years". Psoriasis then returned in the early thirties.

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"I am the only child to whom my mother passed her autoimmune disease, thankfully." And yet: "My path was very different from my mother's, but I also see a lot of things in common," says the woman (since 2014) of musician Kanye West (42) and her quad mother. His mother had relieved the UV rays, but for Kim, it would be nothing, as she says.

Kim Kardashian West encourages

Kim Kardashian concludes her richly illustrated article with honest and encouraging phrases: "I got used to my psoriasis." Sometimes they can show the passages, "and sometimes I do not want them to be a distraction, so I cover them with body makeup," she admits. Psoriasis can be left to "ruin one's life" or "make the most of it," she concludes.

"I live in good health and I try to eat in the most vegetarian way possible.Despite all the stress of life, I try to take the time necessary to be in the middle of me and minimize the stress "she said. advice. She hopes to be able to "help and encourage" others with her story.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis, also colloquially known as psoriasis, is a "chronic hereditary condition of the skin and joints", which "is not curable or contagious, but which can be treated," according to "the German Association. psoriasis ".