Launch of the Volvo S90 in China 2

Launch of the Volvo S90 in China

In December 2016, we were asked to create a choreographed presentation to launch the all-new Volvo S90 in China. In a magnificent short exhibition, two dancers created minimalist design and architecture that inspired Volvo designers and engineers to work on this flagship.

Project Details at Behance:


Director and Creative Producer – Denis Astakhov

Main Producer – Olga Valitova

Choreographer – Tatyana Chizhikova

Performers: Ilya Karpel, Yuri Chulkov

Lighting designer – Stepan Novikov

Costume Designer – Leila Erdman

Production: Wireframe Studio

Producer – Mosquito
Project Manager – Royalty
Concept artist – Danil Rusanov
Head – Denis Uzdyaev
Movement: Design by Philipp Pavlov, Philipp Belov, Viktor Zabrutski, Evgeniy Evsutin
Rendering – Ho

Original music and sound design from Hyperboloid Studio
Idea, composition, production – Dmitry Garin
Composition, Production, Sound Design – Gleb Raumskaya
Composition – Oleg Krokhalev
Sound Design by Alexei Devyanin

Description and Editing by Evgeny Arkhipov, Anton Arkhipov