LigneSante paves the way for an integrated health system 2

LigneSante paves the way for an integrated health system

We are a community of health professionals who share ideas and solve problems.

LOSTECH, Switzerland, Dec. 6 / PRNewswire / – HealthLine ( announced today that it is investing its energy and resources in raising awareness of the medical industry to the importance of an integrated medical approach. Integrative medicine is a combination of traditional medicine and alternative therapies such as traditional herbal medicine, acupuncture and massage.

"I became aware of the importance of working with other doctors and therapists and this has frustrated me that it was difficult to find the right person to contact. 39, social media allow instant communication between millions of people – the total lack of tools for online exchange between doctors has been almost shocking to me. "

– Dr. Fumagalli, founder (

What are the benefits of Integrative Medicine?

1. Focus on the treatment of the patient

The medical community dedicated to integrative medicine understands that treating the human being as a whole is much more important. It means looking beyond looking at the surface of the problem; the doctor looks for the cause and strives to change the habits at the root of the problem. This form of treatment is very effective in the long term because it not only helps to heal, but also improves the quality of life of patients.

2. The patient knows all the processes

Integrative medicine tries to make the patient a partner and educate him about everything that will happen. It's not just about providing medications or recommending an analysis, it's also about making life decisions that affect your future.

It also takes into account other aspects, such as the patient's views on the treatment and prior experience of various alternative therapies.

3. Silent process

Instead of overloading the patient with many changes, information and treatments, the specialist acts step by step. This allows the patient to adapt to changes and better accept treatment.

4. It's great for people with chronic problems

Integrative medicine is a very good tool for people who suffer from chronic problems or pain and who often suffer because traditional medicine can not determine the underlying problem. Once again, integrative medicine tries to balance the whole body.

5. Ensuring your complete personal care

Because integrative medicine considers the problem as a whole, not just the symptoms, doctors spend more time with the patient to understand what the problem is and what the underlying problem is. This leads to a significant improvement in health through a much faster recovery than in conventional treatments.

Choosing a specialist in alternative therapies can prove difficult, especially if you follow such treatment for the first time. To find out what you should consider when choosing an alternative medicine, read the following report (

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