New Forbes list: Kanye West beats Jay-Z 2

New Forbes list: Kanye West beats Jay-Z

Kanye West (40) is leading the "Forbes" list of top winners among rap stars with a turnover of $ 150 million. He sends his former best friend Jay-Z (49) back to second place.

Hard to believe, but without single out, no new album and no tour, Kanye West's revenues over the last twelve months have exceeded those of any other rapper. The famous American magazine "Forbes" has just published its list of "Cash Kings of Rap".

150 million dollars!

At $ 150 million, Kim Kardashian's 38-year-old husband far outstrips all of his rivals. Billionaire Jay-Z won second place with $ 81 million, just over half of his income.

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Rich in fashion

If it's not music, where does Kanye West report these huge sums of money? From his fashion contract with Adidas.

The cooperation between Yeezy and the German sports car manufacturer will begin its fifth year in 2020. Since the release of the first sneaker Yeezy, Kanye shoes are among the most popular shoes on the market. In 2020, fans can expect a new model, which will certainly bring a media craze with its Crocs design.

As reported by "Forbes", the "Yeezy" line is expected to hit the $ 1.5 billion mark this year as planned.

New kings cash

With Kanye West as king of cash-hip-hop, it's a first. But this is not the only change in the "Forbes" ranking compared to last year.

Dr.Dre (54), musician Chance the rapper (26), Lil Uzi Vert (25), Lil Wayne (36), Russ (26) and Logic (29) were excluded from the list . ). Nicki Minaj, a pseudo-retired (36), Cardi B (26), very high flying, and Wiz Khalifa (32), a missed dad.

The list of rich American rappers

1. Kanye West ($ 150 million)

2nd Jay-Z (81)

3rd drake (75)

4. Diddy (70)

5. Travis Scott (58)

6. Eminem (50)

7. DJ Khaled (40)

8. Kendrick Lamar (38.5)

9. Migos (36)

10. Childish Gambino (35)

11. J. Cole (31)

12. Nicki Minaj (29)

13. Cardi B (28)

15th mill Meek (21)

16. Birdman (20)

17. Future (19.5)

18. Nas (19)

19. Wiz Khalifa (18.5)

20. Pit Bull (18)