Pielachtal: "Millionnaire de Bittcoin" convicted: Bitcoin juggler sentenced 2

Pielachtal: "Millionnaire de Bittcoin" convicted: Bitcoin juggler sentenced

The 39-year-old "Bittcoin-Juggler" worker from Melk District has now been sentenced.

PIELACHTAL (ip). "With investments in crypto-currencies, many are expecting a potential wealth, but it's also a terrific way for fraudsters because no one really knows it," said Attorney General St Pölten at the trial of a 39-year-old district worker. Melk, who had partly pleaded guilty to the allegations.
"Everything went well for one or two years," he said in court, after all, he had lost more than he was earning. Since 2016, he himself has invested about 50,000 euros in cryptocurrencies, but has not made any profit. For recommendations, he had received from a company but about 30,000 euros of commissions. He received via Facebook a sum of 11,000 euros from 29 years, his uncle 5,000 and 28,000 euros to 37 years of Pielachtal. An additional 1,000 euros, which he borrowed from the woman for a move, were not reimbursed him on time.


The uncle had come to get his money after the fall of the cell phone of the accused in November 2018 in a pond. Since he had thus sunk the access code stored in the mud, he had not come to the money either. To Pielachtalerin 's money, and that wants to see some money, he will come in a few months. However, since he was expecting a profit, in what amount, but he could not estimate. In addition, he had also filed a complaint after external access to foreign currency assets had been debited from his portfolio.
The eight-time criminal conviction charges can not be refuted, Judge Slawomir Wiaderek said. In addition, the Pielachtalerin spoke in the process of "my mistake". Remained yet allegations still fraud related to the 1,000 euros for the move, as well as embezzlement of 9,000 euros, that the accused credulous transfer of the young man of 29 years put in his pocket. Wiaderek therefore sentenced the defendant to a fine of 2,160 euros and a 12-month suspended sentence with a probationary period of three years (non-final).

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