Queen Elizabeth II: big fan! 2

Queen Elizabeth II: big fan!

Queen Elizabeth II: big fan! 3

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Queen Elizabeth II: big fan! 5

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Queen Elizabeth II is a secret fan of Wham!
Bryan Morrison, the leader of the latest singer of Christmas, recently revealed in his memoir, Have a Cigar !, published after his death, that Her Majesty had passed away in June 1985 after a meeting with George Michael – deceased in December 2016. – and interviewed his friend about the group at a polo match at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor.

In his memoir, Bryan writes: "Thanks to a messenger, I discovered that the Queen had learned that I was directing Wham! And had published her songs, and that she would like to get to know the band."
According to the multimillionaire, the queen spent a lot of time listening to the songs. "To my amazement, the queen knew all her hits and spent a lot of time listening to her to greet her."

George Michael had previously revealed the details of his meeting with the British monarch and revealed that she was "really cute". The singer said: "It was a big top for a polo mother, there were many other people, but she spoke to me, she asked me about China and told me that she had never been there before, but maybe next year she was really cute and petite. "

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