Queen Elizabeth: touching reaction for little girl 2

Queen Elizabeth: touching reaction for little girl

Savannah Hart, age five, from Australia made a special trip with her class: the students traveled to London. Of course, a visit to Buckingham Palace, home of 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth, was imposing. Unfortunately, the little girl had a misfortune: she lost her stuffed toy, a monkey named Harriet, in a playroom on the grounds of the palace.

The help of Queen Elizabeth is necessary

Mother Katie Hart told the Australian site "7NEWS": "The next day we were on a bus and I just thought," Where is Harriet? "The toy was gone. Devastated, Savannah and her classmates then wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth. From this quote, the British magazine "Hello":

"One of our [plush] monkeys, Harriet, recently visited Buckingham Palace with one of our little girls, Savannah, but unfortunately Harriet was left in the playroom on August 13, 2019. The mother from Savannah contacted the palace staff, their name and their name.Let your e-mail address if it is found, but we have not heard of Harriet yet.Our children want that Harriet comes to Woodside to share their adventures, could you check in the room if she's still here? She was last seen near the clothes and we thank you for taking the time to look for our monkey, Sincerely, the children of Woodside Preschool. "

Queen Elizabeth

That tells you if the queen is bored

Queen Elizabeth's handbag is not only a fashion accessory, but also a useful means of communication.

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The palace staff finds the monkey

To the delight of Savannah and her classmates, Queen Elizabeth's employees found the stuffed animal and sent a touching response to the children. They packed Harriet and sent her back to Australia – along with another furry animal, a corgi named Rex. Corgis is the favorite dog breed of the queen.

A spokesperson for the Royal Collection Trust told Hello: "We want to give every visitor to Buckingham Palace an unforgettable experience." After finding Harriet the monkey near the family pavilion, she helped the visitor service team for a while. Before returning home, we hope that Harriet would have liked to tell her adventures to Rex, the Corgi, during of his return to Australia. "

The adventures of Monkey Harriet in the palace – The most beautiful royal story of the week.

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