Taylor Swift compares to the character "GoT" - and installs with Kanye West 2

Taylor Swift compares to the character "GoT" – and installs with Kanye West

September 19, 2019

Is Taylor Swift the real dragon mother? The pop star seems to be identified with the character Daenerys Targaryen from the fantasy series "Game of Thrones". She also speaks clearly of Kanye West.

The music superstar Taylor Swift (29, "Lover") has suffered a lot of mischief in recent years. For her "Girl Squad", for her ephemeral relationship with Harry Styles (25) or Tom Hiddleston (38), and for not commenting on politics in public for a long time.

In an interview with "Rolling Stone", the musician is compared to a character from one of her favorite series, "Game of Thrones": The mother of the dragon Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke).

Taylor Swift: "Could identify with your development"

"I've been able to identify with the development of Daenerys over the last season," Swift said. Although she did not like the fact that Daenerys eventually became a mass murderer, she finds the message behind the transformation of the exciting character: "For me, it has always been easier to fight to the top than 'to return there, especially for a woman.'

In her career, too, there have been innumerable moments when she did not understand why she had lost the favor of people: "Suddenly, there is this radical change and you wonder:" What's wrong? Is it past? Last year, you still wanted me! & # 39; "

From these ups and downs of popularity scale, the singer has learned his lessons. Gone are the days when she wanted to please everyone. In the interview with "Rolling Stone", the 29-year-old is waiting again with rapper Kanye West (42).

Taylor Swift settles in Kanye West

The so-called Rapgott and the pop princess have a tumultuous past. When Swift was awarded the Best Video Award at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009, West burst onto the scene and ripped the microphone. He was of the opinion that not Taylor, but Beyoncé (38 years) should have received the award.

"For a long time, I just wanted Kanye to show me respect," said the Grammy Award winner ten times in an interview with Rolling Stone. The fact that Kanye approached her in the following years and that the musicians finally reconciled had made her very interested.

"I hate to have felt that, but if someone tells you so loudly that you do not deserve to be there, you just want him to appreciate you." That's the only reason she agreed, when West played him a replica of his new song "Famous" in 2016: "Me and Taylor could still have sex," West rapped at the band. ;time.

Kanye West's song offended by Taylor Swift

The next line of the song, however, should have concealed his West. His assertion, "I made this bitch famous," poked the award-winning musician. Just because she had always come to the rapper and tried to reconcile.

She even agreed to give an award to West at the 2015 VMA on the scene of the event where he had humiliated her six years earlier.

The West has two faces, said Swift. But today, she does not care what the two do not hear. "The dynamics between us have made me sick at some point," says Swift.

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