"Test Winner" - Shower gel test: you can not count on "hypoallergenic" and "sensitive" - ​​Kassensturz Espresso 2

"Test Winner" – Shower gel test: you can not count on "hypoallergenic" and "sensitive" – ​​Kassensturz Espresso

Who has sensitive skin, depends on a shower agent without substances that can trigger allergies. The fact that these are missing in a shower gel, announce the big manufacturers with "hypoallergenic", "(ultra) sensitive" or "high tolerance" on the packaging.

But what is the reliability of these terms? Can allergic people take a shower without risk? The magazine "Gesundheitstipp" wanted to know and offers ten shower preparations analyzed in the laboratory.

The test criteria

  • 26 scentswhich may be allergenic
  • preservatives with increased allergic potential (eg, parabens or thiazolionones).

The good news first of all: in none of the shower products tested, was found essential preservative for people with allergies.

Unlike perfumes: The test exposed three shower products containing not only general allergenic substances, but also hypoallergenic substances.

For example, the Petit Marseillais Shower & Shower Soap High Tolerance shower gel contains, in addition to geraniol, a particularly debatable substance, the three weakly allergenic substances benzyl alcohol, linalool and alpha-isomethyl-ionone.

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Geraniol and two other highly allergenic substances have also been found in Sibonet's hypoallergenic pH 5.5 shower solution.

Allergiker beware: the recommendations of the official venue are not always reliable, show the results of Salthouse's Dead Sea Therapy shower gel tests: Although the German aid for skin and allergies expressly recommends this product, she contains more than one gram of allergenic alcohols.

The test also shows that manufacturers do not consider it necessary to declare the ingredients correctly.

The four shower products with the result of the test "Very good"

Cien Med from Lidl
Sensitive washing lotion
Overall rating: "very good"
Price: 4 francs / liter *

PH scale from Migros
Hypoallergenic shower gel without perfume
Overall rating: "very good"
Price: 12.80 francs / liter *

Aveo Med from the Müller pharmacy
Ultra Sensitive Shower Gel
Overall rating: "very good"
Price: 13 francs / liter *

Coop Quality & Price
Wel! Sensitive Shower Gel PH
Overall rating: "very good"
Price: 14.80 francs / liter *

* Price according to the searches on the Internet of 20.09.19. Source: Health Tip Magazine, September 2019 issue.

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