The Crown: the new queen of the first season 2

The Crown: the new queen of the first season

On November 17th, there will be "The Crown" Season 3 on Netflix. This time, however, viewers will have to adapt to new faces. As the drama surrounding the British Royals is the story of several eras, new actors were created for the roles of Queen Elizabeth and Co. after two years. Olivia Colman ("Broadchurch") is now allowed to play Lizzie.

The first images of the role already existed, now Netflix makes us the third season "The Crown" with a teaser teaser and moving images of Olivia Coleman as a tasty queen. The teaser already suggests that the creators have bet on the right person. In the video, the former Queen Elizabeth is confronted with two paintings: a younger number (Claire Foy, entitled to play the role of the queen during the first two seasons) and another one of herself (Colman). An employee of the court said everyone was pleased with the change in the profiles. The queen replies: "Old Box", but is also progressive at the same time. It must continue in a certain way and the changes can not change anyway.

Here is the trailer:

Teaser of the third member of the team "The Crown" on Netflix

Jumping time in the third season

In the third part of the series, spectators expect a jump in time. This time, the life and politics of the years 1964 to 1977 are presented. As a result, the main characters were exchanged after two years. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are no longer considered Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip.

In addition, viewers can look forward to a range of new actors: alongside Colman and Menzies Helena Bonham Carter as Princess MargaretErin Doherty as Princess Anne, Jason Watkins as former Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Ben Daniels as the cast of the series. The latter takes on the role of Antony Armstrong-Jones, better known as the first Earl of Snowdon. The Netflix hit will replace the set every two seasons to ensure a precise age structure.