The LGBT information stand is devastated: young offenders are being explored 2

The LGBT information stand is devastated: young offenders are being explored

LGBT stand in Zurich
Pink cross

Ironically, on the International Day Against Homo, Bi, Inter and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), several mayors of Zurich attacked the state of a recognition organization. Now the police are targeting several suspects.

Four teenagers attacked and devastated an information booth – after which at least one returned and threatened

Four hooded teenagers got one on May 17th
Status of the organization "Achtung Liebe" in Zurich Lochergut attacked. the
Organization is committed throughout Switzerland for a contemporary society and
Sex education adapted to her age, she was supported by the
The student organizations LGBT "z & h" and "L-Punkt".

The Chaotes then sliced ​​the rainbow banner
stand, flyers and food threw on the floor, turned the table and
stole a rainbow flag. Someone picked up the incident and spotted it
Video on Twitter. At least one of the attackers returned to
continue to threaten teenagers.

"That makes us
thoughtful and sad that even today, there is so much anger in Switzerland
and hatred against people who claim only the right of every human being
can be and love, without being discriminated against, "was said at one point
common position of the organizations concerned.

The prosecution now has several suspects in sight, including at least two minors

Four months after the attack, the Zurich prosecutor's office now has several suspects in sight. "In connection with the incident, the prosecution is conducting proceedings against different people," also confirms Erich Wenzinger, president of the prosecutor's office Tages-Anzeiger,

They are now threatened with threats and lawsuits
Assault. At least two of the suspects should be minors. "We
can confirm that the office of the youth prosecutor Zurich-Stadt a criminal investigation
against two minors for minor property offenses ", confirmed
their spokeswoman Sarah Reimann at the newspaper.

When exactly are the lawsuits against the suspects
is not sure yet. For more information, both authorities
because of the current procedure.