A new bitter! The queen is angry! 2

A new bitter! The queen is angry!

Oh my God! It will not be silent about the Duchess Meghan! As it is now reported, between her and the queen prevail ice age …

Duchess Meghan
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A new bitter! The queen is angry! 3

What's up with Duchess Meghan? In recent weeks, a series of negative titles around the duchess made the tour again and again. It is said that Meghan falls more and more against the royal family. Now the next bad news …

Duchess Kate

Duchess Kate: This photo answers all the speculations of pregnancy!

Meghan does not want to blame Harry for spending time with his babies

Since the birth of her baby four months ago, Meghan is supposed to let no one enter Little Archie. Even Harry should have trouble spending time with his son. A source told National Enquirer: "Even though Harry has trouble being cuddled with his son, Archie is allowed to be with Harry, but Meghan has to have him in his arms." It's no wonder that Meghan does not have enough nanny: "She already had the third nanny while Archie was only seven weeks old and she's so scared that the baby could get in touch with another person because she can not stand it if someone else is holding it. "But that 's not all …

Meghan annoys the queen

Although the queen has repeatedly overlooked Meghan's past misdeeds, the monarch would also have had enough of the duchess. In particular, an event in recent weeks, the queen should have been particularly close: "The family was invited – yes, rather encouraged – to visit the Queen at the beginning of September at Castle Balmoral, but Meghan panicked and refused, she insisted that Archie too young to start the 450-mile journey ". He also said: "Her Majesty was upset – and her heart was broken – she was anxious to spend time with her last great-grandson." If the waves will be a smooth day?

Great concern for Kate! How is she really