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Aim on the stage Tulpenweg: Old Mondays want three to Fürth II – football

Thus, the SpVgg would be fourth, would at least stay in touch with the best duets FC Schweinfurt 05 and Türkgücü Munich and fuel the current euphoria at Altstädter Haze. The high mood was also not hidden by the team "We are already aware of it and it's really nice to see more spectators coming into the stadium," said Anton Makarenko . Nevertheless, the SpVgg captain also strives to keep the ball flat. "If one of the spectators dreams of climbing, we can not stop it, but we have been very successful in thinking in stages, and now only eleven days of play are over because it would already be presumptuous to face the rise. "

Fürth II with six consecutive victories

Four weeks ago, it would have been presumptuous to dream of a victory in Fürth. Until mid-August, the little clover, undisputed at the top, had just celebrated its sixth consecutive victory in Memmingen (1-0). SpVgg Bayreuth had just recovered from their false start at the same time and confirmed its upward trend with a solid performance at 1 FC Nürnberg II (1: 1).

After this seventh day of play, but took the form of the curves of tomorrow's two opponents, of course, contrary course. While the yellow-black scored further, the success of head coach Petr Ruman broke the success. The first defeat of the season against Buchbach (0: 1) was followed by a hard-fought point against FC Augsburg II (2: 2), before scoring two more defeats: a first against 1: 3 against Illertissen, then against the painful 1: 5. Derby at 1.FC Nuremberg II.

Rost: "Aubstadt was a perceived defeat"

"This is nothing unusual for me," says Timo Rost. "Often you have U-teams running in one direction or the other." These second teams are all well trained in football, but often lack mental stability. A lack of stability also cost his team some points recently. As stated, the Altstädter had to modest because of a goal in added time with a 2: 2 against TSV Aubstadt promoted. "It was a perceived defeat – we had them in the first period totally in the bag, and then we found ourselves at the 2: 1 mark in the 88th minute only of the crossbar." It's really bitter "said the 41-year-old, reviewing the game and providing an analysis. "It still leaves us with the crucial objective in such a phase, there is no hardness, but that too is a development process that we have to go through."

Even Anton Makarenko, absent from the fight because of a thigh injury, wanted luck and tone as the only explanation for the bitter pill in the additional time do not apply. "We did not do much," said the 31-year-old. "We sometimes lack the lack of compactness, both offensive and defensive." This quality, suspected by Makarenko, could be a factor of success in Fürth. "It's a NLZ team, so they're all well educated guys, if you give them too much space, it can turn around."

No phantom pain with Timo Rost

The talent of the young Fürth also evokes the rust of Timo. "They certainly have an offensive orientation and then reveal their strengths when they are in possession of the ball and that they are also allowed to play," says Rost, who stood on the bridge. the little clover leaf from 2016 to 2018, but does not feel phantom pain. "It does not touch me at all, for me, it's a game like any other."

On the contrary, he is currently dealing with his team, especially with the staffing situation. It was already much worse, especially when Anton Makarenko, after surviving a thigh injury, resumed training. "Everything looked good, we'll decide that in the short term, if possible, we'll take it with us, Anton is always an option," says Rost, who has to do without Christopher Kracun and Sven Kopp (cheekbone). broken) with yellow lock.