Back to Real Madrid? That's what José Mourinho says - SOCCER 2

Back to Real Madrid? That's what José Mourinho says – SOCCER

At least since the 0-3 loss to Paris Saint-Germain against Paris Saint-Germain, coach Zinedine Zidane (47) is no longer untouchable at Real. The French is threatened with dismissal if the performance curve of the Royal does not rise. According to the Spanish media, José Mourinho (56) would also be a possible successor to the Royal. But would he resume work in Madrid?

In relation to "Deportes Cuatro", the Portuguese have now said that it is out of the question to return him: "I do not want to come back, you have a coach, and he is nobody. not coach a team that has a coach. "

On the contrary, Mourinho would be "happy when everything will be installed with Zidane". About the rumor that he could inherit Zidane, "The Special One" was anything but happy.

"There are two types of rumors: first of all, it's Zidane, it's one of ours and it hurts when our teams do not feel well." Zidane has been in football all his life and he knows everything.Other kind of rumor is to put my name on the line and I do not like that. "

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Despite the big bankruptcy against PSG, do not dramatize the situation at Real: "If you look at the table (in the league, for example, Red.), They are in the target.They then play in Seville and when they win over there, they jump at full speed, in any case, Barcelona is only one point behind them and Atlético Madrid. "

Mourinho coached Real Madrid from 2010 to 2013 (1x champion, 1x winner of the cup). Since his release from ManUnited in December 2018, he has been without a club and is currently working as a TV expert on Sky.

In addition to Mourinho, former Real-Stars Xabi Alonso (37) and Raúl (42), as well as the former coach of Juve Massimiliano Allegri (52) will be in talks as successors of Zidane, according to Spanish media.