Bitcoin Whale Alarm: BTC whales ship nearly 10,000 BTC (about $ 100 million) 2

Bitcoin Whale Alarm: BTC whales ship nearly 10,000 BTC (about $ 100 million)

Bitcoin Whale Alarm: BTC whales ship nearly 10,000 BTC (about $ 100 million) 3

After a long break, Bitcoin whales get back in touch. They seem to have gone to the Dive Station like the Bitcoin course and have visibly enjoyed the tranquility of the Crypto Ocean. Now, two Bitcoin whales with a total volume of nearly 10,000 BTC have surfaced on the surface. However, they did not arouse much enthusiasm among whale watchers, who also seem tired from the long break. But Bitcoin whales are like waves in the Crypto-Ocean, they keep coming back and end up causing a stir, positive or negative.

So what does the whale intend to do? Is it even the same BTC whale? We will take a look and take back the trail of Bitcoin whales.

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Bitcoin Whales move. 10,000 BTC, nearly 100 million dollars

This morning, we discovered the trace of one or more Bitcoin whales that together transferred about 10,000 BTCs from A to B. As they are so close to each other in terms of time and amount, it would be a pretty big coincidence if it was not for the same Bitcoin Whale.

The community of whale watcher is not very enthusiastic and seems, just like the kings of the ocean crypto, suspended in summer sleep mode. Apart from some tired jokes, little information has been exchanged between whale watchers. This proves once again that the current situation in the cryptography markets seems more than tiring.

No pump "Let's hope Altcoin-Season soon" or the good news about IOTA and the decentralized industrial market for supported machines.

Where is the trip going for the Bitcoin whale? Who is behind?

In fact, the transaction has little or no tension because neither the origin nor the target of the transaction points to a well-known portfolio. Since even Bitcoin mixers have not been used, it can be assumed that the transaction comes from a larger player. It could work, for example, from a smaller "cryptochange" that moves its BTC cold storage or even Bakkt, which has all postponed before launch.

Unfortunately, the speculation here is as fine as the information we have here. Nevertheless, it shows that: Bitcoin whales are still alive and bring at least once more a momentum into the otherwise quiet Crypto Lake.

Right now, we're feeling really tired in the cryptography market, despite some good news and the long-awaited launch of Bakkt next Monday is not really a thing to do. This is reflected in the lack of activity of the whale, as well as in the decreasing volume of trading in the market, despite this week's Altcoin pump. The search results for Bitcoin are on Google at a low of 4 months and you can feel it too. Let's hope that Bakkt brings the market back to life, preferably with a positive impulse.

We remain attentive to you and take this opportunity to address some fundamental topics in the coming weeks. If you have any wishes, she likes to express!

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