Boss becomes with Anna Wintour - SonntagsZeitung 2

Boss becomes with Anna Wintour – SonntagsZeitung

The first announcement gives her reason right from the beginning, even before she has taken the right place in front of the camera: Anna Wintour takes off her sunglasses. This dark-hued monster hides half of his face on almost every picture. Naturally, Wintours XXL glasses have a function different from protecting their eyes from sunlight; This accessory reinforces the distant atmosphere surrounding the most powerful woman in the fashion industry, who would have delivered the masterpiece of the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" (2006) as a horror assistant.

For 31 years, Wintour has been leading the American edition of "Vogue", as well as two lucrative part-time jobs within the media conglomerate Condé Nast (which publishes the fashion magazine). As an art director and global content consultant, she is an important contributor to the publisher's major titles, including The New Yorker or GQ. Brilliant and strict and always a bit cold, it appears.

She successfully manages the magazine even in the media crisis

So now, the world's most influential fashion reporter is removing her sunglasses as part of an online course on the American educational platform On this website, professionals give lectures, including regular celebrities. Hollywood star Natalie Portman talks about the acting game, photographer Annie Leibovitz also brings users closer to their craft and multiple US Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles talks about artistic gymnastics. Now, Anna Wintour joins this series of speakers. Subject of his online course: creativity and leadership. Or, a little brighter: "How to be a boss".

Perfect for the big Anna. She controls Vogue not only decisively, but especially with great success, at a time when many print magazines are suffering. The American magazine "Vogue" has a circulation of 1.2 million copies. One ad per page costs about $ 180,000 on average. When the legendary editor introduces herself for the first time without goggles, one naturally hopes for more than just career advice. What is the secret of their success? Does it reveal perhaps an unexpected personal page?

Of course not. The trailer, which will probably not leave any big surprises to the public, shows: Anna Wintour is as sharp as her Bob, who has since accompanied her (and with whom she educates the style, even for the youngest generation, Recently, however, the seven-year-old Beckhams girl was seen at a fashion show in Front Row, next to Wintour – with exactly the same page cut off.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West raised the cover

"I know a lot of people are curious about who I am," says Wintour in the trailer. The video shows her at work; it looks like the daily routine of editing in the world's biggest fashion magazine: layouts on the table, Wintour kills sketches ("from the table"), the famous ones ("love this page"), a path through the many carrying conferences.

Substantial career advice is rather unexpected in the twelve video sequences of the "Vogue" boss. The 70-year-old Briton says things like, "You have to listen." And: "You are nothing without a good team." And, "Sometimes you know you have to break the rules." Is it so bad? No. Aside from the fact that for 100 francs (that's the cost of the tutorial), a master's degree in leadership is not expected, this master class should be considered as a kind of detailed talk.

And you can take away from Anna Wintour something very different: whoever wants to lead can never be loved by everyone. In 2014, when she made the cover of the glamorous couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the fashion world shouted: a crowd rapper and a reality TV star on the front page of Vogue? Wintour now commented curtly, "You lead, you do not follow." Both were part of the social discourse – ignoring them would have been a mistake. He who looks to the left and to the right loses his clarity in his decisions.

Even his insults seem elegant

Anna Wintour can also be more subtle. Even with insults, she never loses her elegance. For example, when she was recently interrogated on a first lady, Melania Trump, then excited about her predecessor, Michelle Obama (who tagged her three times on the "Vogue" jacket), she also asked the Donald Trump's wife to say nothing. (who in turn loses nothing more than to say that she is not afraid to come to the cover page "Vogue").

Something like that, rather between the lines, is probably to interpret Wintors Masterclass.

Boss becomes with Anna Wintour - SonntagsZeitung 3
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Created: 21.09.2019, 16:54 hours