Cardi B accuses Forbes magazine of lying 2

Cardi B accuses Forbes magazine of lying

Everything was invented? Cardi B (26) writes that "Forbes" magazine makes false claims about their wealth.

The economic magazine "Forbes" is considered for decades as one of the most prestigious in the world and already constitutes an authority in itself. Traditionally, "Forbes" publishes a number of lists each year, listing the richest and richest of the rich in many fields. This includes the popular list of "Hip Hop Cash Kings", the rap stars who have seen the biggest increase in their account in the last twelve months.

Cardi B: accuses Forbes magazine of lying

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With $ 150 million, Kanye West (40) is at the top of the list for the first time and the great traveler Cardi B arrived in 2019 as a newcomer on the list. Directly behind her nemesis, Nicki Minaj (36), she managed with a $ 28 million turnover in 13th place.

Cardi B is confused

In fact, a reason for joy, but the musician "I like it" is confused. "Where did Forbes get the numbers – they do not vote at all," she wonders on Twitter. From this statement we can see that Cardi's account shows numbers different from those of the economic magazine's research.

Fictitious numbers?

What the musician has really won over the last 365 days remains his little secret. As was the answer to the question of whether Cardi B was part of the gang gang "Bloods".

Forbes himself boasts anyway of his extensive research, which of course contains some degree of speculation.

Economists calculate their numbers from each musician's income based on concrete facts such as profits from concert tours, record sales, streaming numbers and advertising contracts. But also from various facts such as interviews with the artist himself and his leaders, lawyers and employees.