FC Garmisch Reserve is back on football 2

FC Garmisch Reserve is back on football

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – When it became clear that Marcel Wollenberg was leaving, Valmir Loshi threw his hat into the ring. "I wanted to do it because the 1st FC is a matter of heart for me," says Loshi. Now that the first stamina test is scheduled after two weeks of intense training, the 26-year-old can no longer affect his team. "I booked the holidays months ago," says Loshi.

After the match, Mirwan Rahmani will tell him how it went. Former TSV football player Murnau and SV Eschenlohe will join Loshi on his entry into the coaching profession. The reserve of 1. FC Garmisch-Partenkirchen is measured Saturday (5:15 pm) with SC Huglfing promoted.

Loshi is optimistic about the situation. "You can say that the team is again in the mood for football." Best proof: instead of five manageable kickers, the training units included between 12 and 15 players. A strong sign. Additional training was completed by a barbecue, the capitalized teambuilding. "The players are in the mood again and want to attack." This goes to 1 FC only for his attitude and his team spirit. "We have one of the strongest technical teams in this league," said Loshi, cruciate ligament injury. This should be something to start.

Modifications were initially made on the defensive. Including the departure of the triple chain. Four men will now defend side by side, including defender Florian Adlwärth. "With him, the team has a fighter who also opens his mouth," said Loshi. But Adlwärth alone will not be able to judge him. "We must be much more stable." The fact that against the penultimate season the first season three is mandatory, do not attack Loshi. "We have to start scoring now." Or