Girl Loses Stuffed Toy at Buckingham Palace: A Case for the Queen 2

Girl Loses Stuffed Toy at Buckingham Palace: A Case for the Queen

September 20, 2019

A girl (5) from Australia loses her stuffed toy at Buckingham Palace. Back home, she writes a letter to the Queen – the beginning of a wonderful story.

London. Secretly hidden behind the scenes of Buckingham Palace was an Australian stuffed animal. Savannah Hart, five years old, had taken her stuffed monkey on a big trip to Europe – and had lost to the Queen's headquarters.

Back in Australia, the five-year-old girl and her classmates wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth – the monkey is one of six play monkeys at her school with which children are allowed to travel. In the letter, the girl expressed her hope that her fairy-tale wife Harriet would return to share her experiences and adventures with the students. And indeed, after a week, staff at Buckingham Palace volunteered and promised to fire Harriet after a visit to the palace.

Monkey Harriet finds a new friend at Corgi Puppy Rex

In the end, Australian schoolchildren not only sent their adorable stuffed toy with many pictures of their work in the palace. Also a book ("Does the Queen wear her crown in bed?") And a new friend for Harriet was there: the Corgi Rex puppy. Plush can now also go to elementary school and keep company with monkeys.

Tash Hortle, a teacher at Woodside Elementary, told CNN: "It's wonderful the work and effort of the staff to send Harriet back to us." Harriet also had a positive impact at Buckingham Palace. "We want to give every visitor to Buckingham Palace an unforgettable experience." After finding Harriet the monkey near the family pavilion, she helped the visitor service team for a while before returning home.