Kanye West sells luxury apartment in New York - we have a look inside 2

Kanye West sells luxury apartment in New York – we have a look inside

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian West are known for loving their large, clean, minimalist homes. In a video of "Vogue", in April 2019, the couple gave a rare glimpse of the family villa, which Kim Kardashian described as a "minimalist monastery". The former New York apartment of the rapper is no exception: large living space, "economic" design and flooded light. This chic West Houston Street apartment in New York's SoHo neighborhood is now for sale. (Read also: How Kanye West and Kim Kardashian live in their $ 60 million villa)

Ex-Kanye West apartment: 225 square meters, but only one bedroom

Rapper and designer Yeezy saw the apartment rise and sell again last year. Now the jewel of 225 square meters is once again offered for purchase – for 4.7 million dollars (equivalent to about 4.25 million euros). But the new owner gets a spacious, luxurious apartment with three-meter high ceilings and large windows overlooking one of New York's busiest streets. On request, blinds can be opened and closed automatically. As a family apartment, the mega-apartment is not good enough: despite its considerable size, there is only one room.

Simple apartment in white and natural tones

According to the magazine "People", Kanye West had two apartments combined for the apartment. For this, he hired the famous Italian architect Claudio Silvestrin, known for his minimalism. The result is a luxurious and uniform interior design in white and natural tones, combined with pear wood and French limestone. The dining room, kitchen and living room are open and merge. Even the spacious room does not seem to be a closed room. (See also: All photos of Kanye West's new luxury ranch and Kim Kardashian in Wyoming)

All in all, it's more like a simple oversized apartment for which Kanye West just was not helpful. Since his marriage to Kim Kardashian in 2014, with which he has founded a family of six, the rapper now needs a lot more space. The couple are now living in Los Angeles in a $ 60 million estate.