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Looking at the numbers, Ethereum seems more optimistic than ever

Looking at the numbers, Ethereum seems more optimistic than ever 2

Ethereum was without a doubt the brilliant star this week. There is a glimmer of hope that the ETH eventually decoupled from its big brother and moved independently – as should be the cryptocurrency. New research shows that the Ethereum ecosystem is strengthened in several ways.

Ethereum: higher than the sum …

A recent report by industry leader ConsenSys analyzed the current state of the Ethereum network to better understand its condition. The ETH bazaar did not stop this year – from maximalist bitcoin to the leader of competing platforms: everyone has reached the second largest cryptographic asset in the world.

The main problem stems from the stagnation of market activity in terms of price and delay of scalability updates. The price argument is really unjustified because all the old coins were on the floor and there was only one dominant digital asset this year.

Now, the technical aspect is under discussion and, just like Rome, Ethereum can not be built in a day. The report has highlighted some of the key figures of the Ethereum ecosystem and includes the main nodes of the main network, which currently have more than 8,930 addresses, more than 75 million unique addresses and a hash rate greater than 100 TH / s.

The total number of decentralized applications is now 2,600, with nearly 17,000 users daily. In June, there were 1,243 active monthly Ethereum developers. That's a lot more than any competing platform can offer. According to the report, the developer's growth rate is 34%, which is a good sign for the future of the platform.

The decentralized financial ecosystem is still under construction, but it is clearly dominated by Ethereum. More than $ 1.5 million of ETH is now linked to MakerDAO Smart Contracts and Compound is fast becoming the second most popular DeFi platform for ETH.

For Ethereum 2.0, a successful network synchronization test has recently been completed between clients. The latest Serenity deployment upgrades are expected to be implemented in the coming months and early 2020, in line with the roadmap.

The numbers speak for themselves

These positive fundamentals could affect prices and behavior of the Ethereum market. Since last weekend, the ETH has gained more than 24%, from less than $ 180 to just over $ 220 today. The daily volume went from $ 5.5 billion to $ 10 billion and almost $ 4 billion was added to Ethereum's market capitalization.

These are still small steps, looking at the entire Ethereum market. But the great hope now is that ETH can finally move independently of its big brother – a completely different digital animal.

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