Queen Elizabeth II Teaches the Royal Manners of Lewis Hamilton 2

Queen Elizabeth II Teaches the Royal Manners of Lewis Hamilton

Updated on September 21, 2019 at 11:24 am

Lewis Hamilton still has a lot to learn about the habits of the royal table. At an official dinner with Queen Elizabeth II, the Formula 1 racer scoffed at an important rule.

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Lewis Hamilton is one of the best runners. On the other hand, he still needs to be educated in royal manners. In Graham Norton's show, the Formula 1 racer talked about an official meal with Queen Elizabeth, where he was invited to sit beside the 93-year-old player. But in his attempt to speak to the monarch, he made a grave mistake.

After learning that he was sitting next to the queen, he was "somehow excited". "So I sat down, she was sitting to my right and I started talking to her," continues Hamilton. And she said: "You speak first in this direction, I speak in these words and then I come back to you."

Lewis Hamilton: "It was really cool"

And indeed, at an official dinner with the queen, the rule is that she first talks to the person on her right and only devotes herself to her neighbor on the left in second gear. Hamilton did not seem to be aware of this rule.

But the monarch took it pretty well, while the 34-year-old continues to report on Graham Norton's show. "She talked to the guy on her right for five minutes and then the rest of the evening with me, it was really, really cool." (EEE)
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The British queen has been on the throne for 67 years, giving her fifth place in the top 10 most ancient monarchs. Elizabeth II may well continue to progress.