Sad news! She is standing in front of you 2

Sad news! She is standing in front of you

New commotions of Queen Elizabeth! As revealed, the monarch is at the end of his power …

Queen Elizabeth
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Sad news! She is standing in front of you 3

Has the queen lost hope? The royal family threatens to separate. But Queen Elizabeth, the leader of the Windsor, can only look helplessly. The scandals of these last weeks make the player of 93 years more and more difficult, it was said in the circles of the palaces …

Duchess Meghan

Duchess Meghan: Now her skeleton is falling apart!

Events accumulate

The hardest hit is apparently the queen after the charges against her favorite son, Andrew. The prince is suspected of having sexual contact with minors. Not only his relationship with the saleswoman Jeffrey Epstein and the testimony of his alleged victim, Virginia Giuffre, prove it, but also the quarrel between his grandchildren, William and Harry, establishes the queen. Sad climax: The argument between the brothers was in the televised documentary William and Harry: princes at war? even spread publicly. Difficult to endure for Elizabeth, she has always distinguished herself by keeping private problems out of public view. But that's not enough …

Queen separates from recent events

While the Royals are trying to crack, this time it is particularly serious. The reason: after the scandals have accumulated, the British monarchy enters into criticism! Andrew's unlawful acts are as detrimental to the reputation of the Royals as Prince Harry's: he publicly defended the protection of the environment, prompting people to change their behavior – and two days later, by he had traveled Europe in a private jet. The queen would never have allowed herself. No wonder she bitterly reproaches and wonders more and more often: have I failed as a mother and grandmother?

Great concern for Kate! How is she really