That's why the queen is now really angry 2

That's why the queen is now really angry

On discretion, the Queen gives great value. Since a policy ignored an agreement, however, the queen is for the moment "not amused".

Although the Queen does not formally comment on British policy and her ultimate goal is to remain neutral, she regularly meets with current leaders and gets a glimpse of the country's situation. Of course, it goes without saying that these conversations and comments exchanged should not be made public. Former Prime Minister David Cameron allowed himself another misstep and chatted Details of a confidential conversation with the queenThis one reacts outraged.

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The queen is "not amused"

The former Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron is on a promotional tour for his memoirsIn the book "For the Record," published on September 19, 2019, Cameron discusses events and the political climate in British politics at the time of his administration. To promote the sale of his memoirs, he gives several interviews and faces the British press. He gives honest answers – sometimes too honest! Because of the details of the talks with the Queen, he also leaves the journalists and therefore the readers of the British newspapers to participate. An absolute no-go! Find the queen and condemn the former prime minister to reprimand. In one unusually direct statement, the palace took position in front of the BBCThe Queen was "not amused" and disclosing such confidential details about the talks with "Her Highness" would not help anyone and would make it difficult to build good relationships.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron talks in camera

In an interview with broadcaster BBC4, the former prime minister spoke of a request he had made to the Queen in his day. It was a conversation that took place in the September 2014, during the referendum on the independence of Scotland, which took place the same month and has barely voted to stay in the UK. At that time, he had asked the Queen's personal secretary to rule on the referendum and therefore to influence it. In the interview, he literally said, "I did not ask anything that was unconstitutional or inappropriate, I just wanted the palace to raise the issue, at least a little bit". Absolutely unthinkable for the Queen and the British monarchy because the queen does not interfere in the country's politics, Cameron reports in the interview that there were even two conversations about it with the Queen's personal secretary.

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Not the first misstep of the former prime minister

Not only is the queen horrified by these open relationships. Even current politicians have been outraged by the former Prime Minister's abuse of trust. Boris Johnson, current Prime Minister and Brexit Advocate "I refuse not only any comment on my conversations with Her Majesty, but also on the conversations she may have had with someone else."

David Cameron, who is the cause of Brexit, had previously also touched on intimate details. At the time, after the referendum, he had talked about the queen's reaction to the result of the vote. When she had the for the positive outcome of the referendum in the UK I scolded her. So as now, he sees that he has spoken too openly. "I guess I've said a lot, if not too much (…) I just wanted to honestly say how it was at the time," he confessed, when he said ;an interview. Since he really wants to be honest, we can read it in his memoirs. That he speaks as much about the origins of the Brexit referendum as it is about the Queen's words? We are curious