"The Crown" - Season 3 on Netflix: Start, Trailer, Actor, 2

"The Crown" – Season 3 on Netflix: Start, Trailer, Actor,

With the End of season 2 there are serious changes "The crown" sure. These details too "The Crown" – Season 3 we already know!

For Queen Elizabeth and the Royals begins with "The Crown" – Season 3 a new age – not just figuratively. As announced in advance the creator of the series, Peter Morgan, the third season of the series Netflix dares not only a significant leap in time, but also a new dramatic ensemble. We have gathered all the information on Season 3 of The Crown.

The Crown – Season 3: He plays Prince Charles

One of the most important roles in "The Crown" – Season 3 was finally busy: with Josh O 'Connor a real shooting star slips into the role of the royal heir to the throne. You will find more information about the actor "Charles" in this article:

Prince Charles TV

"The Crown" – Season 3 at Netflix: He plays Prince Charles!

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The Crown – Season 3: Olivia Colman's First Photo As New "Queen"

The new queen enjoys her tea: Netflix now has the first image of an actress Olivia Colman than Queen published. She follows in season 3 Claire FoyQueen Elizabeth II in the first two "Crown" -Staffel embodied. More information can be found here:

Claire Foy crownseries

"The Crown" Season 3: First picture of the new queen | Netflix

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The Crown – Season 3: Outlanders star Tobias Menzies becomes Prince Philip | First series of images

New role of Tobias Menzies in "The Crown" "src =" https://www.tvmovie.de/bilder/638/2018/03/29/64625-neue-rolle-fuer-outlander-star-Tobias-menzies- in-the-crown.jpg? itok = ZfBlki7I
Tobias Menzies plays Prince Philip in "The Crown" – Season 3 | Photo: Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown

After the occupation of Paul Bettany failed, the manufacturers of the NetflixThe series has found a worthy replacement: no one under Tobago Menzies, Outlanders star will play in the upcoming Prince Philip season. The first pictures of the star of the series as Prince Philip and all the information are available here:

Outlander Season 4: He's alive | Photo evidenceseries

Outlander star Tobias Menzies: First picture of "The Crown"

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The Crown – Season 3: Paul Bettany leaves the post as Prince Philip

The season 3 crown Paul Bettany "src =" https://www.tvmovie.de/bilder/638/2018/01/30/63565-crown-staffel-3-paul-bettany.jpg?itok=bjWVVeIN
Paul Bettany will not become Prince Philip Getty Images

Since a long time Paul Bettany as a probable successor to Matt Smith in his role of Prince Philip at "The Crown" – Season 3However, as several American and British media have now unanimously reported, Bettany had to cancel his candidacy because of planning his participation in the cult series. Now, the creators must find a worthy successor to Matt Smith – Bettany would not only be a real eye-catcher for the fans because of his appearance.

The Crown – Season 3: When will new episodes happen? | start date

Netflix announced after a long wait that the new season would be released on November 17, 2019. Thus, insiders' suspicions that the season will be released by December at the latest were not so fake.

The Crown – Season 3: Olivia Colman Becomes the New Queen

Olivia Colman The Crown "src =" https://www.tvmovie.de/bilder/638/2017/12/19/62926-olivia-colman-crown.jpg?itok=sIVjJDKO
Olivia Colman becomes the new queen of "The Crown" – Season 3 | Getty Images

In fact, Claire Foy is the real sensation of the first two seasons of "The Crown". For her portrayal as a young Elizabeth, she was not only celebrated by fans, but also rewarded with many awards. But from young Elizabeth we have to say goodbye in "The Crown" – Season 3: Because the British actress Olivia Colman will be in "The Crown" – Season 3 take the lead role.

The Crown – Season 3: Helena Bonham Carter Will Play Princess Margaret

The crown Helena Bonham Carter "src =" https://www.tvmovie.de/bilder/638/2018/01/05/63170-crown-helena-bonham-carter.jpg?itok=95S5EFQl
Helene Bonham Carter Must Play Princess Margaret | Getty Images

As several US portals agree to report, the actress Helena Bonham Carter in "The Crown" – Season 3 takes on the role of Princess Margaret. The actress would follow in the footsteps of Vanessa Kirby, who would be replaced by the beginning of season 3, as the entire cast of the Netlix series. Carter would assume the role of sister of the queen in seasons 3 and 4.

The Crown – Season 3: Action | When does the new season play?

For the plot of "The Crown" – Season 3, there are actually some hints. Clearly, the new episodes are expected to be in the 1970s. Producer Suzanne Mackie revealed in an interview with the British "Express" that the audience for season 3 should meet Camilla Parker Bowles. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth began her notorious relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall in the early 1970s.

The historical advisor to the series also confirmed to Town & Country that they are currently working on season 3: "We are currently writing season 3 and this season will see the end of the relationship between Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon." Princess Margaret was separated in 1976 from Lord Snowdon and eventually divorced in 1978. It is likely that The Crown's season 3 covers almost all of the 1970s, from the period of previous seasons.

"The Crown" – Season 3: Will Princess Diana Appear?

That the 3rd season fromThe crown"We will show the beginning of the love story of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, confirmed the creators of the series in previous interviews." The creator of the series, Peter Morgan, also commented if we had ever seen Princess Diana in season 3. Opposite Just Vanity, he said:

"Diana's thing… honestly, I have not thought about what to do with her if I get to this point in the Royals' history. I know pretty much what to do in season 3. In fact, Prince Charles met Diana, then aged 16, for the first time in 1977. Maybe a short monochrome of season 3 would be a possibility.

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