The FPÖ wants to cancel the opening of the marriage

Although the Constitutional Court (VfGH) made it very clear that marriage must also be open to gay and lesbian couples, the FPÖ is still trying to deny same-sex couples an equal voice. The FPÖ leader, Norbert Hofer, today presented to the National Council a request for the withdrawal of the opening of the marriage.

Because gay couples can not father children: marriage only for "two people of different sex"

In proposal 994 / A, the FPÖ requests that the corresponding article 44 of the Civil Code be amended again. Thus, as before the beginning of the year, only "two persons of different sex" should be able to get married. The reason given in the petition is that same-sex couples can not father children – which, according to the Code, is a prerequisite for civil marriage.

Even if the motion has no chance of being discussed before the 29 September elections, this shows that the FPÖ is also ready to violate the Austrian Federal Constitution to obtain its version of the family portrait.

"Eterngestgestrige just" commented Green Federal Councilor Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic at the request of the Freedom Party on Twitter – and so triggered an avalanche of indignation: for the openly gay SPÖ MP Mario Lindner, he This is a "particularly questionable sign" of "the" The FPÖ, as a pure election campaign gag, wants to undermine the highest judicial instance and makes an unconstitutional claim ".

HOSI Vienna: "The FPÖ exposes in the statement of reasons its Vorstrigkeit"

Moritz Yvon, president of HOSI Vienna, is also scandalized. the
FPÖ claim contradicts "clearly" the decision of the VfGH and show in
its justification "their prejudices by being lesbian, gay and
Wants to treat bisexuals as second-class people "-

Because already last autumn, shortly before the entry into force of
Opening of the marriage, the FPÖ reflected on the simple Constitution
change if a marriage ban for gay and lesbian couples unconstitutional
was. However, she must have been clear that she has the
The two-thirds majority in the Austrian National Council does not get.

For SPÖ-Lindner, the FPÖ application shows a clear scheme

For Lindner, the FPÖ proposal clearly shows the pattern of the last government: "Blocked not only in the marriage for all, but also in the third entry of women or the referendum of women.At the same time, the FPÖ and the ÖVP have not tried to ban important sex education experts in our schools before July. "

That's why Lui Fidelsberger, head of HOSI Vienna, calls all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people and our friends at the Nationalrat election next Sunday: No matter who you choose, do not choose who chooses us. want to make life difficult on purpose! "