The long way to the ash mountain Markus Holtmann (27 years) in the football league of Westphalia 2

The long way to the ash mountain Markus Holtmann (27 years) in the football league of Westphalia

In the end, the score reached 8.4: Since this season, Asche Bergers Markus Holtmann at the whistle Westfalenliga. At 27, he is referee for SV Herbern. The score was a precision landing for Holtmann – because he needed exactly 8.4 to climb.

"For comparison, a 8.4 is a perfectly managed game," said Ascheberger. For five years he tried promotion to the Westfalenliga, but he failed again and again for a short time. As an umpire, you must meet other criteria in addition to the score in order to even progress. You can only get up if you are registered in your circle as a team referee at the Association. Previously, this exclusive group called Fördererkader or Perspektivteam.

The District Arbitration Committee, District 24 Münster-Warendorf, is responsible for the report. The District Arbitration Committee has four seats each year. Markus Holtmann was one of the lucky ones of last year. "We want to give everyone a chance to be called into the team," said Philipp Hagemann. Markus recommended the team to perform well "and because we thought he would have the chance to get up," Hagemann said.

This year, the 27-year-old has deliberately not been named to the team. First, give the other referees in a circle with about 280 referees. On the other hand, so that the Ascheberger is found first in the league. "It should first be part of the new season and the new league," said the chairman of the Munster circle, who is whistling in the national league. This should not mean that Markus Holtmann will no longer be recalled to the team for the eventual promotion of the league.

Long way to the Westfalenliga

25 referees from throughout the association were with Team C referee Herberner for the promotion of Westfalenliga. Only seven have finally ascended. Holtmann has been seen eight times in the last season, the last time on April 7 in the match SuS Kaiserau against SV Wacker Obercastrop in league 3. He scored 8.6. However, he did not hear of his rise until June 19 after the meeting of the association committee. "But I already knew it could work," he says.

The path to the Westfalenliga was long. "I started whistling because my football skills are pretty limited," he laughs. Since 2006, referee Holtmann, three years have gone up in the county league A. The district league followed in 2011, the national league in 2014. So now the sixth highest division of Germany. This makes him one of seven Herberner referees, the highest league. On the first day, he whistled on day three: SV Spexard against VfL Thesen in East Westphalia.

"The pace of play is already higher," says the referee, who is also in the league as a line assistant. "The players are even more ambitious and get scammed from the referee," Holtmann said. They would check more to where they can go. The first enthusiasm in the game had been normal and had quickly settled.

Other referees have recommended Ascheberger, 27, to show good performances on the field and to whistle so many games. In addition, a good contact with the association and an intense preparation for the observation games were good: "So stay home on Saturday night or do not drink anything."