Trump expects & apos; interesting & apos; Visit to the DMZ 2

Trump expects & apos; interesting & apos; Visit to the DMZ

It is speculated that today President Trump may meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during his visit to the demilitarized zone.
We have our Kan Hyeong-woo at Unification Bridge, on the road to the border village Panmunjeom.
Hyeong-woo, what do you hear about Trump's trip to the DMZ?

Conn-young, I learned from the White House spokesman's office that President Trump is leaving the Yongsan US Army garrison today at 1:45 pm to go to the DMZ's Joint Security Zone.

The US leader will arrive at JSA landing zone at 2:10 pm, suggesting that Trump will likely bring a helicopter to the DMZ.
Although it is not clear exactly where Trump will be visiting in the border area, the schedule explicitly states that he will "see North Korea".
Trump was able to visit Observation Post Ouellette and look with binoculars to the north. There Ronald Reagan attended in 1983 as the first sitting US President, the DMZ.
After that, the US president is expected to meet with American and South Korean service members before leaving for Osan Air Base to end his two-day stay in South Korea.
Apart from Trump's visit to the border area, there is speculation that President Moon could join the US leader of the DMZ.

I've been here since 9am this morning, and I've seen a lot of movement, including security vehicles crossing the bridge.
That's all I have for the moment, but we'll keep you up to date all day long. Conn-young.