We will never see 10,000 USD 2

We will never see 10,000 USD

We will never see 10,000 USD 3

The Bitcoin (BTC) manages to restart the recovery process after the last days of the incorrect movement pattern. Over the past 24 hours, the price has risen by 2.61% and has returned to its previous level of USD 10,200. Until now, the BTC had undergone several major price fluctuations during this year.

Will we ever see the $ 10,000?

The market is heading towards a downward trend and is expecting a trough during the period, with a further fall in demand. Today, a well known investor in Bitcoins believes that after this drop, the price of Bitcoins, after having still exceeded $ 10,000, will be the last time the price will be seen.

Many times, it has been mentioned in the past that Bitcoin "will never trade again with less than $ 10,000" at its recent rally. According to Bob Loukas, the famous investor, trader and entrepreneur in Bitcoins, this time, something else may happen.

He expects a drop in the price of Bitcoin next October, until the price rises again and it does not come back. Bitcoin is unlikely to ever trade at a price of around $ 10,000, Loukas says, when the fund is finished. However, analysts believe that there will be more four-digit price once the price in Bitcoin has exceeded the $ 10,000 mark, the situation has changed significantly in this regard.


We will never see 10,000 USD 5

Support of $ 10,000 in the coming weeks and the arrival of new lows are expected to be supported by strong momentum and supported by long-term moving averages that confirm the bullish trend and push the price of Bitcoin back to the rise.

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