Investment fraud when trading financial products on the Internet • mimikama 2

Investment fraud when trading financial products on the Internet • mimikama

The criminal police Höxter warns against investment fraud by risky investments, which attracts quick money.

Internet investment fraud: The Kriminalpolizei Höxter is currently dealing with several special cases of white-collar crime. Victims said they looked for a way to invest money on the Internet in recent months. The "victims" found what they were looking for and posted on the FXNobels home page in a contact form.

Risky investments

After an entry, an alleged employee reported and described various investment opportunities.

With a demo on the acquisition of price gains, the alleged employee of the company could finally convince the victims. As the contact progressed, 5-digit amounts were transferred to an account in Lithuania.

In this DEMO, he has been professionally shown how to make substantial profits with Contract Difference Speculation (CFD), Binary Options, Futures and Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

– Publicity –

Either the victims were informed by telephone or courier company for the purposes for which the corresponding payments should be made. Deposits increased by more than 70,000 euros by false price gains.

After a while, the victims finally wanted to pay a higher amount. They were first turned off and then completely broke off.

Lithuanian bank account linked to investment fraud.

The experts on economic crime and financial intelligence started their work and, as part of their initial investigation, found that Lithuania's bank details were evident when examining the large amount of data and that these were linked to investment fraud in several countries.

The operators of the company FXNobels, would have their headquarters in Malta, the operator should Glencoe Partners Ltd. to be based on the Marshall Islands.

Warning messages from the banking supervisory authorities of Malta and Spain are also available for this company. The investment fraud data shown to date shows that bank details have been or will be used with various other company names.

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has been warning, since December 2018, against the trading of CFDs and binary options. The marketing, distribution and sale of binary options to individuals has been prohibited throughout Europe since July 2018. Since August 2018, the marketing, distribution and sale of CFDs to individuals has also been more restrictive.

The criminal police Höxter urgently warns against any investment in such companies.

They are highly speculative and hold in the case of a correct settlement, a high risk of loss, so the warning of the investigators!

If you have any doubts or questions, contact your police and if you have already suffered prejudice, refund criminal charges!

source: Höxter District Police Authority
Product Image: Shutterstock / By Tero Vesalainen

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